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Marcella Zobel:  I really appreciate DocsBlend; it is the only supplement I use!
I raised my DC GoLightly Glacis LeReau SC FCh (and multiple best in field, and National AOM winning) bitch 'Biscotti' on DocsBlend, starting her as a puppy. Summers are especially difficult here, with no humidity - and Biscotti held her coat for our July/Aug shows! Also, 'DeeDee' Ch. GoLightly RH Double Delight finished nicely in full coat, at the Bonanza shows in Nevada, when logically she should have been totally out of coat.
My most recent success this year, was a Group III with our 2 1/2  year old Biscotti daughter, 'Molly' (Ch GoLightly Valinor's Beau Monde JC).  With the help of DocsBlend, she was in lovely coat for the end of a warm summertime in California! 
I find that the effect of DocsBlend is that while it doesn't prevent a seasonal shedding - with it, the NEW COAT comes in quickly while the old coat is coming out! This is wonderful..... 
Marcella Zobel
Golightly Borzoi and Whippets


Kent Jones and Jay Cusker:   We really like DocsBlend - Hair of the Dog and recommend it to others.  Kumbaya Silken Windhounds has been using DocsBlend - Hair of the Dog for nearly 5 years because we see the benefits from using this product.  All 4 of our dogs’ coats are thick, shiny and very soft to the touch.  They look and feel healthy.  At times when judges, veterinarians and others put their hands on our dogs they often comment how wonderful the dogs feel.  One person even stated that running her hands over our dogs was like feeling plush velvet.  That’s quite a compliment and one we attribute to using Docs Blend daily.  And with a breed called Silken Windhounds, it is no wonder that people introduced to this breed quickly understand why they are called Silkens.  Touching their coat explains it for them.

We take pride in conditioning our dogs and keeping them well maintained.  The ingredients in DocsBlend contribute to their overall health and provide an extra edge in competitive situations.  DocsBlend HOTD is reasonably priced and easy to use.  We simply sprinkle a tablespoon of this powder on each dog’s food at dinner time.  If you’ve just begun to use DocsBlend it will take about 2-4 weeks to notice a difference.  Coats become softer, longer and thicker; colors, especially brindles, really “pop”.  And in a lineup of dogs such as in a dog show this can really draw eyes to the dog.  Our male Silken won three 5 point majors in a row to complete his champion title.  One of our girls won Reserve Winners in her first Specialty (placing 2nd to her sister) and then Winners Bitch for 5 points at her second Specialty.  DocsBlend really seems to help our girls recover quickly from coat loss due to their heat cycles and pregnancy.   Another of our girls, who whelped a litter 6 months previously, won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at a National Silken Specialty.  The following year this same girl also won Best of Breed at the Northern California Regional Specialty and just this year won Best of Breed at the 2010 Silken Windhound National Specialty.  It is our opinion that using DocsBlend as part of our conditioning program helps our dogs really stand out in tough competition - and we have proof to show that it does! 

One final note about Docs Blend is our experience ordering on line.  We find the web site easy to use and transactions secure.  Orders are filled quickly and the product is at our home usually within the week.  Customer service is responsive and friendly.  We suggest you try DocsBlend and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how good your dogs look and feel.

Kent Jones and Jay Custer
Kumbaya Silken



Sabrina A. Magee:  We have used Hair Of The Dog for many years for our Borzoi as well as our performance dogs.  The dogs have always looked their best with lovely thick coats!!  However, at this time I am writing to tell you about my Large Munsterlander, "Eins."

Eins has been on Hair Of The Dog by DocsBlend since I acquired him as a young puppy and needless to say he always looked beautiful.  However, in June 2008 Eins went off of his food completely and declined at a frighteningly rapid speed.  After many visits to specialists and many, many tests it was determined that Eins had a rare form of pneumonia.  Eins had been through several rounds of antibiotics that simply did not work before the strain of pneumonia was diagnosed and the correct medication was used.  It is amazing that he survived the ordeal -- he was a very sick dog.  With all of the medication in his system and all the stress on his body Eins' coat suffered terribly.  He lost almost all of the hair on his tail and his coat lost it's luster and sheen.

Once Eins was eating meals again, with Hair Of The Dog of course, his coat recovered quickly !  Within three months his tail was once again thick and growing fast !!!!  The coat on his body was heavy and lustrous again -- and what beautiful shine !!!
Eins is the only Large Munsterlander in North America that is showing in conformation and he has made history repeatedly. Eins is now a young two year old and his accomplishments as of this writing are listed below:
13 Best In Show wins
2 Reserve Gold Cup (IABCA)
3 Reserve BIS
International Champion - Welt-Schonnheits Championat - Bronze
ARBA Master Champion   (the first LM with this title)
UKC Champion  (the first LM with this title)
UKC United Senior Jumper   (the first LM with a dock jumping title)
2009 Aflac Outdoor Games Master Division Winner  (dock jumping)
Certified Therapy Dog  (the first LM with Therapy Dogs International)
I think the above accomplishments are testimony as to how effective Hair Of Dog by DocsBlend is......I cannot thank you enough for your great product!
Sabrina A. Magee



  Scot Northern

Simply put HOTD works.....GREAT! 

Within 2 1/2 weeks of starting my special (Brooke) on it I had people commenting on how beautiful her coat looked.  The color seemed to 'pop', and there was a wonderful shine to it.  It was unmistakable.  Not only did I and my fellow exhibitors notice it, but the judges did to. 

After 4 weeks of using Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend, I found myself winning the Group with Brooke, and having the judge comment while getting the picture taken that her coat looked amazing! 

I have no doubt that HOTD by DocsBlend gives us that extra something special to make Brooke stand out in the crowd.  Thanks Guys!

Scot Northern
Angelic Whippets
Breeder/Owner/Handler of Multiple Group Winning Whippets



Vicki Courtney

This is a Hair of the Dog success story! 

The attached photo is of our Ch. Mahali Tecumseh. He finished at 15 months of age with three majors. Then, two years ago he lost most of his side coat due to a skin infection. In fact, he was the reason that I tried HOTD in the first place. I was giving him a handful of different antioxidants in pill form; however, he would see me coming and try to leave the room. He hated the pills! Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend had what I had been giving him in pill form, plus many more natural ingredients that were beneficial to his health, and great news for him – I could sprinkle it on his food! Now, if I run out of HOTD, he thinks his food isn't worth eating...he loves the stuff! He now has a beautiful coat and is growing more by the day. He is pictured taking BOB in Jackson TN two weeks ago.
Everybody here gets HOTD. After 3 weeks (not the 12 recommended), I could feel the difference in the coat on everyone...the hair was heavier and silkier.  

Thank you for a great product!

Vicki Courtney
Zepln Afghan Hounds

Click for larger photo



Donna Lindsay

I have never, ever, given a testimonial before, so that says a lot about Hair of the Dog right up front. 

I have been owned by shelties for more than 20 years. After several years of training for obedience, I started training for conformation, agility and herding. The past few years, efforts have focused on the show ring. We have a small kennel, with seven shelties and one smooth collie (for comic relief). 

Four of our dogs are shown in conformation, but since the Omega 3 fatty acids found in Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend are so beneficial, all of our dogs are taking it. My only complaint is that it now takes at least three times as long to get all these beautiful, luxurious coats brushed out. But it's worth it!  I have never had so many beautiful coats. Many people assume that because we live in Alaska, our dogs all have incredible coats. Not true. I believe increasing daylight is a trigger for shedding, and we have days in the summer in which there is enough light to hit the golf course at 8 p.m. and still play 18 holes before it gets too dark! Yes, it's cold up here in the winter, and as we all know, cold is good for coats. But if we have a cold spell, the dogs spend most of their time inside living in a climate of 70 F.  

My experience with Hair of the Dog by Docs Blend started June 1, 2007, at a dog show. I was making the rounds, talking to friends I hadn't seen for awhile, and sharing my frustration that all of my dogs seemed to be lacking in coat. I had come to the conclusion that I needed to change their diets and was asking everyone what diet they used. One fellow exhibitor told me she had not had any coat problems since she started using Hair of the Dog. We talked a bit about it and she mentioned that it had flaxseed in it and that was enough for me. As soon as I got home I went on line and ordered a bucket. You see, several years ago, I was on a moderate diet, but my hair got brittle and was falling out. After consulting my hairdresser, a naturopath, and my family physician, it was decided I wasn't getting enough fat so I was put on daily flaxseed oil and had been taking it a couple of years. Still do. My own hair has never been thicker and grows like gangbusters. I had started giving the oil to my dogs several months earlier, but then a vet told me that dogs couldn't metabolize flaxseed, it was a waste of money and could cause gastric distress. So I stopped it before it had time to work.

I could see the difference with Hair of the Dog within six weeks. I was grooming my dogs for a show and all of a sudden I realized I had very thick undercoat coming in. It wasn't very long yet, maybe a half-inch, but it was enough to help make their coats look fuller. On that very day, Patches beat one of the top shelties in the country for a Best of Breed and that's why my husband Don is so happy in this photo.

Donna Lindsay
Puttin'On the Dog Shelties





Click for larger photo

   Craig & Reita Nicholson

We started using Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend over 3 years ago.  DocsBlend is a great addition to our dogs’ nutrition.  We show our dogs in conformation for most of the year. Showing can be stressful; and the added benefits of Hair Of The Dog by DocsBlend give them an extra boost to their system.  Our Kerries are happy and healthy, which comes from the inside and DocsBlend is a part of this. 


We have beautiful shining thick coats which hold up to all of the rigors of showing. We breed for these coats and DocsBlend helps to maintain what our Kerries have.


We recommend DocsBlend’s Hair of the Dog for any dog; it is a wonderful additive to your dog’s diet. 


The people at DocsBlend are always courteous and make sure our orders are filled immediately. Thank you DocsBlend for your wonderful product!


Craig & Reita Nicholson

Kerrisel Kerries
“Kerries with Character”, Home of Best in Specialty Show and Group Winning Kerries


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Dr. Kevin Shimel, DVM & Carol Kubiak-Zamora

Dr Kevin T Shimel, DVM,  here, and along with my partner, Carol Kubiak-Zamora we are Phaedra Borzoi.  Phaedra is a kennel that has been involved in Borzoi for nearly 30 years.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell the WORLD about Hair of The Dog by DocsBlend, a supplement that can improve not only your dog's coat but their entire overall health profile!  After having our Borzoi on the supplement powder for less than 1 month we saw a difference in sheen and texture of coat! After a few's when the real change is seen.  Healthy hair that doesn't break or fray with blow drying.  And I must say the skin is healthier as well!

Carol and I have imported many dogs over the years.  Importing dogs from Europe is not times we have had to ship a dog out of Finland in MID-WINTER...its dark and FRIGID there! And the coats look it! Hair of The Dog revitalizes them faster then any other product we have seen, and I do believe it helps reduce the physical stresses of changing environments. Veterinary research shows that these type of supplements improve bronchiolar lining health and boost a variety of other systems including the immune system!

It comes in an easy form to dispense, customer service is efficient, prompt and courteous and the price is great too!

We wouldn't be without it!

Dr Kevin T Shimel, DVM  and Carol Kubiak-Zamora
Phaedra Borzoi, NJ
A Pedigree with a 25 year history of producing American/International Best in Show, Group and Specialty Winning, Top Ranked, Top Producing Borzoi.

Elizabeth Ford.

I learned about Hair Of the Dog by DocsBlend from a Borzoi friend of mine.  She knows I am a health and hair fanatic and suggested I try it on my boys.   I have an Irish Setter, Welsh Springer Spaniels and a Papillon.  I feel strongly that good health and good hair come from excellent nutrition.  I have always hesitated using oil type additives as just a bit too much leads to gastro-intestinal upset.  I have mixed my own coat concoctions but product consistency is a concern.  For my money, a good diet is the only way to go!

I started my Welshies on Hair Of The Dog several years ago and got very nice results.  Both boys had shiny, plush coats, and I noticed stronger hair with more length.  Over time, I've noticed that the white hair on both dogs is easier to keep clean and the proverbial "pee hair" doesn't stain.  This summer, between an overloaded work schedule and a move, I did a lot less coat care than usual.  At the end of 2 months, I had 2 Welshies with coat literally dragging on the ground.  Talk about great results!

I started my Irish puppy on Hair Of The Dog at 6 months old.  At 18 months, his coat glows.  I have had some beautifully coated Irish in my time but his is truly spectacular!  I attribute his coat quality to your product.  Pictured is my Robyn, my WWS's picture, taken shortly before he finished, (with 3 majors and BOB over specials), notice the length and shine.  Hair Of The Dog will remain part of my feeding routine for show dogs, pets, growing puppies and cherished retirees.  You have a excellent product.

As a testimonial to your product, I though I would send you pictures of Robyn's brother, Indy, (Prairie's Independence Day CGC ).   I have included a before and after picture.  The before pic is 4 months of growth with hair to the ground.  Notice how all the white hair is sugar white and holds no grass or other stains that boys are notorious for.  The after pic is post bath and trim - show ring ready.  White hair can be such a horror to keep clean and presentable but not when feeding Hair of the Dog. 

Click For Larger Images

Elizabeth Ford
Ch. Prairie's Synchronicity, CD, RN, CGC




Cheryl Schallock

DocsBlend:  What can I say?!  It has totally made my life easier and my dog, Arthur’s life much more comfortable.  Arthur had the inside of his hind legs chewed to the point of looking like raw hamburger.  After 3-1/2 weeks on Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend, the chewing subsided substantially.  Now, today, Arthur's skin has now returned to normal. No more redness and no more sores.  I am extremely happy and so very impressed with this product.  I recommend it to any individual whose dog may be having skin and/or allergy problems.   You cannot believe what a difference it makes!  The icing on the cake is that Arthur's coat has never looked better.

Since October, 2006, my Whippet Puppy, Kathryn, has been on Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend.  She is vibrant, healthy and has the silkiest coat I have ever felt on a Whippet.......I owe this all to Hair Of The Dog by DocsBlend. Soon she will be entering the show ring, where all will be able to see the results of this awesome supplement.

Cheryl Schallock

Longtime Owner/Handler of Top Ten Ranked & Group Winning and Placing Borzoi and Scottish Deerhounds.

Robin Casey

I began using Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend at the recommendation of many friends who are also top breeders and exhibitors. 

I have been more than pleased with the results.  My bitches grow back their post season coats much more quickly.  The dry, flaky winter skin issues just do not happen now.  My older dogs looks as if they could step into the ring today and have even more beautiful coats than when they were younger.  I look forward to bringing out my young hopefuls and seeing them blossom.  Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend will certainly play a part in my dogs lives whether in the ring, on the field or enjoying their retirement.

Robin Casey
Timeless Borzoi
Co-Owner of 2004 BCOA National Specialt6y BOB Winner as well as breeder/owner of multiple conformation/field coursing champions.



Torrea Leborn

Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend, is the best product I have found, for conditioning the dog and it's coat for the show ring, and it's body for the coursing field.

I strongly recommend it to everyone who has gotten a dog from me. In fact, I am disappointed if they are not using "Hair of the Dog". It may or may not grow hair on a rock, but it does help put a beautiful, full coat and body on a show Borzoi.  I wouldn't think of not using it.

Torrea Leborn,
Swanmanor Borzoi, since 1981
Breeder/Owner/Handler of Champions in Conformation and Lure Coursing



Karen & Kalen Dumke

We finished our nearly 8 year old Borzoi with a 4 point major while on Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend. Her coat has never looked better, very plush and full and gleaming. We also use DocsBlend on our Whippets and Afghans.  It has worked with great success on our black Whippet to eliminated dandruff while making his coat gleam.  The results on our Afghan hound is equally impressive, the coat is long, silky and extremely healthy.

We've been using this product very successfully for nearly two years now, and have had exceptional results. The coats come in quickly and are extremely healthy and plush! 


Karen & Kalen Dumke
Nonsuch Sighthounds
Both are licensed AKC judges and Breeder / Owner / Handlers of multiple AKC Champions and Specialty winning hounds.


Vicky Bloemer:

"Alvin", an English Import, came to live with me when he was 5 months old.   He was a beautiful red 'n' white puppy with a no fuss coat.  Aside from  re-doing his head bands and washing his face he was a breeze to take care  of.  Around 11 months of age he began to go through a change of coat, that  also changed my life.  I was now brushing him 2 times per day, and bathing  him every 3-4 days.  Some days he would be fused in only a few hours after  I had put the brush down.  I also noticed that he was starting to scratch.   I have always supplemented my Shih Tzu with oil capsules for their coat.   For this dog, my past success was not working.

One day I was talking with my friend Pam, of Chrysalis Borzoi.  I was telling  her that I did not know what to do with this type of coat. In all my years of showing Shih Tzu I never had problems like this. I also noticed that his coat was not growing, almost like it was breaking off. Pam recommended that I try a supplement called, Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend. She was giving it to her show bitch who was blowing coat and Pam stated that since putting her girl on DocsBlend, she noticed a difference in the coat quality and growth and said that her girl's coat was coming in faster after her shed.

 "Alvin" was put on DocsBlend through the remainder of his stay with me. I did notice that his coat was starting to grow, he was not fusing in like he had and the ends of the hair felt stronger. I was able to get back to a once daily brushing and a weekly bath. "Alvin", a very picky eater, also loved the taste of the supplement.

 I use to be a firm believer that "A clean coat grows coat".  I have now changed this to "A clean coat, supplemented with Hair of The Dog, grows coat!". 

Vicky Bloemer
Owner & handler of multiple BIS and Specialty Best in Show Shih Tzu.



Christa Cordtz:

For 15 years, I formulated my own coat supplements for my dogs.  None of the ready-made formulations contained all of the ingredients I was looking for.  When DocsBlend came out I was skeptical until I read the ingredients.

Within one month the coat colors of the dogs were more vivid and richer.  The "red tinge" in Hooligan's black coat disappeared.  My 14 year old Lucy (Sweetbriars Sterling Gazelle UDX NA NAJ) grew a plush coat and the sabling became jet black.  She is now nearly 16 years old.

All of the coats of my dogs became plusher and shedding was much reduced.  Even though I had been feeding basically the same ingredients that are in DocsBlend, there is something in the way the ratio of ingredients are combined that make it the "perfect blend". 

Christa Cordtz
Belarus Borzoi
Breeder of Best In Show, Specialty winning & High In Trial Borzoi.

Iva Kimmelman:

I started using Hair Of The Dog by DocsBlend on one of my older Whippets a little over 6 months ago. I immediately noticed two things. She really liked the taste, and actually looked forward to her meals. She is at the age when food is not that interesting, compared to sleep. She now gets up to get into her crate for three meals a day.

I also started using it on another dog, who is just 2 years old. I wanted to see if it would help her rough hair coat. She is in vibrant health, but her coat is very course, or I should say, was course. I am happy to say there has been a huge difference in her hair coat which I started to notice after just two months of use.

I am pleased with DocsBlend, and frankly, this is the first supplement of its kind that is actually used, and not just "regretted". A great product, that I believe in. In fact, I have a link on my web site for it.

Iva Kimmelman
Merci Isle Whippets
Licensed AKC Judge & Breeder / owner /handler of multiple Specialty winning conformation & field champion Whippets.



Sharron White:

Many thanks for your excellent product!  As a longtime breeder of Dachshunds, I have never found a product that does it all until I tried Hair Of The Dog.  I now have beautiful coats on my Long Hairs and have none of the usual winter hair loss on my Smooths. This is a great product and I highly recommend its use to others.
Sharron White
Wyndcrest Kennels
Breeder/Owner/Handler of Multiple Top Winning Longhair & Smooth Coated Champion Dachshunds


Lorrie Scott

I started using Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend for the antioxidant and omega properties with hopes that the coats would follow. In a short time I was able to see the difference, healthy skin, bright eyes and thick coats that are plush. Our 14 yr old Pearl was one of the first to try it. She enjoyed it as a top dressing with her meals and quickly we noticed how she had stopped shedding. Her coat used to come out in clumps to the point that she would make a nest were she slept. It was so nice not to have to pick up all that hair everyday from her. She has since passed away, but she died with a gorgeous coat and skin that was in perfect condition at nearly 15 yr old. 

I have now been through 2 complete heat cycles on all my girls and no one has blown their coat like they used to.  They seem to minimally shed out just as the new coat is coming in. My girls keep their coats and now can be shown all year long, even during the hot summers in Southern California. All the dogs here at Aruzia are on it and they all have beautiful coats that are soft, shiny and silky. Our youngsters, teenagers, and all the adults as well as the rescues now faithfully get Hair of the Dog with every meal. 

The rescues leave here with coats that most of them have never had before. I hear from visitors/potential adopters that come to see my rescues what beautiful thick and shiny coats all the dogs here have including the rescues and they asked what food I'm feeding. I tell them it is not the food but Hair of the Dog that gives each one of the dogs that glorious coat as well as all the other benefits. 

I would recommend Hair of the Dog to anyone who is health conscious about their dogs nutrition and seeks the benefit of shiny skin and glowing plush coats.

Lorrie Scott,
Aruzia Borzoi and Southern California Borzoi Rescue
Breeder/Owner/Handler of multiple National & Regional Specialty winning champion/field champion Borzoi


  Carole Poh-Teo

Some time back my Saluki, Singapore Ch. Mauresque Autumn Star was suffering from some skin problems.  Her coat was falling out and getting thinner by the day.  Spots of baldness had appeared on her back.  Red rashes were seen on her underbelly.  The Vet couldn't find anything wrong with her.  After finishing a full course of medication and some highly recommended store-shelf supplements, nothing seemed to work!  I went onto the Internet, desperately seeking a solution.  By chance, I came upon a Borzoi website where the owners were using "Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend.  After reading the testimonials, I bought the 6lb pail and awaited anxiously for it's arrival. 

A week after feeding the supplement, I began to notice little hairs growing out of her bald spots!  After 2 months, I can proudly proclaim that her skin problems had disappeared all together!  No more bald spots or rashes.  Her coat is now in pristine condition and I can't wait to show her again at the next dog show!  Thank you, DocsBlend for this superb supplement!

Carole Poh-Teo

Laura Hyatt

I made the decision to try Hair Of The Dog by DocsBlend on one dog for comparison with the rest of my dogs.  Within six weeks I checked and compared this particular dogs coat and was so pleased with the results!  His coat was so soft and plush, while my others dogs skin and coats did not look or feel as soft and healthy to the touch.

After seeing the results of having this one dog on DocsBlend, I put all my dogs on this product.  I started them all on Docs Blend at a time when they were going through a shed of their undercoat.  One of my young males blew his coat so bad, his skin was showing on his topline.  Within one week of being on Hair Of The Dog by DocsBlend, his new coat had come in enough that I couldn't see his skin anymore!

While Docs Blend does not stop the natural process of blowing undercoat, it does help the new growth come in more quickly with the added plus of giving it excellent condition and quality.  I would recommend Hair Of The Dog by DocsBlend to ANYONE concerned with improving their dogs coat and well-being!

Laura Hyatt
Meyta Borzoi
Owner/Breeder/Handler of Multiple Generations of Multiple Champion Specialty Winning Borzoi


Kathy & Jim Wright

Hair of the Dog by DocsBlend has become a part of our everyday wellness routine here at Kajai.  For the past several years, all of our Borzoi have enjoyed this exciting product's health and conditioning benefits.  We have seen the bright eyes of increased healthy vigor along with lush, glorious coats that are coming from the inside out.  Gone are the days of the girls going down to basically guard hairs a few months after their season - now we have a new undercoat coming in almost simultaneously with the old one shedding out.  Our biggest "test case" came when we adopted an elderly mixed breed Coonhound from the shelter who came to us with very bad chronic skin problems - after using Hair of the Dog for several months, she is now "itch free" and has grown a healthy, shiny coat over those scars and bald patches.  Hair of the Dog has definitely proven to us that for the well being of every member of our four legged family -- show dog and companions - young, old and in between -- we won't let our best friends go without it! 

Kathy & Jim Wright
Breeder/Owner/Handler of National Specialty winning, Multiple Best In Show Borzoi, Multiple Champion Borzoi and Field Champion Borzoi

Peter and Jane Schreiber

In January of 2004, we began adding DocsBlend to the two meals a day of Angel (Ch. Phoenixx Earth Angel, FCh) and her older sister, Glory. While their coats seemed fine when we started, we were quite pleased to see how much better they looked in about six weeks. Angel's hair is longer, while Glory has a shorter coat and the resulting improvement was that Angel's coat became shiny and silky and Glory's became thick and shiny. The proof is in the results because Angel finished her AKC breed championship with a 4 point major. When we e-mailed her show photo to friends we received several complimentary comments on her coat. These are two of those "unsolicited" comments.

From Linda Turner:
Thanks so much for sharing the photo of Angel's latest win. She's lovely and her coat looks gorgeous in the photos.

From Barbara Michalick
Wow, thank you so much for sharing this photo of Angel...she gets more and more gorgeous!!!!  That coat is to die for!!!!

We are very pleased with the results from using DocsBlend and will continue feeding it to our Borzoi. Thanks for developing this great blend of nutrients.

Peter and Jane Schreiber
Phoenixx Borzoi
Owner/Breeder/Handler of Multiple Champion Field and Conformation Top Winning Champion Borzoi


Pam Leichtnam

At the MBC Specialty in Sept 2003, All exhibitors were given the opportunity to try a new product called Hair of the Dog by Docs Blend. I tried Docs Blend on my Borzoi bitch, Pave'  who was blowing coat at the time. To my delight I am happy to report that just 4-5-weeks after I started her on Hair Of The Dog, Pave' came back into beautiful coat.

I have never before used a supplement that stimulated hair growth so quickly. Not only did her coat come back in record was also thick and silky to the touch. I am very happy with the results I have found with DocsBlend and I am a true believer in this product.

Pam Leichtnam

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